Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I've been waiting until after JT is in bed to post but tonight Russ is out at a soccer game so I think I'll be ready to crash once the kid does. Incidentally, one of our teams is doing really well this year after finally making it back up to the top league so they're actually playing some of the best teams in the country. But I'm not going to count that as one of my blessings...

1. Jackson has been able to roll over for several weeks now but never really cared much to do it. Today he decided it was fun. Every time I turned around he would end up in a new position and keep playing happily. It's awesome and humbling to see the changes he goes through every day!

2. Russ, Jackson, Samson and I got to enjoy a nice walk this afternoon. The weather was absolutely perfect--not too hot, not too cold. We don't have many days like that!

3. We had our regular staff meeting this morning. Staff meetings used to be horrible affairs. Now they're usually quick and painless. I'm thankful for the ways God has matured all of us to help us work together better!

4. I got to enjoy lunch today with all the visitors. We had a back corner of the restaurant and had a great time visiting and laughing. I'll definitely miss them when they're all gone!

5. Both my precious grandmothers have birthdays this week. (They both read this blog so I won't mention their ages.) My grandmas are awesome. They both have lived incredible lives of ministry and service to everyone around them. Even though I have lived far away from them for most of my life, I can honestly say that without their influence and example I would not be who (or where!) I am today. I can't wait for Jackson to get to meet these two special women. (My grandfather isn't too bad either but his birthday isn't until November!)


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