Sunday, July 20, 2008

Love in Action

Something is that is both a challenge and a blessing about our new building is the location. While we're on the beachfront avenue, our back door opens out into a neighborhood. We're trying to find ways to meet our neighbors' spiritual and physical needs. The new neighborhood, Boca do Rio, is full of opportunities for us to demonstrate God's love.

The past two Saturdays we've offered a free lunch of beans and rice. It was originally intended to be for pregnant women and moms and their kids but it expanded and we fed all kinds of people, including some grateful construction workers who had been sitting watching everyone eat.

The first Saturday was dark and rainy and no one quite knew what to think. Our members weren't sure what we were doing and didn't really show up to help. The neighbors weren't sure what we were doing and didn't really show up to eat.

But yesterday was different. We had members show up to help prepare food and to serve. And the neighbors came--we ran out of food in just over an hour.

This morning we showed some pictures from yesterday and it seemed like the rest of the church finally got it. We're already looking forward to the next time we get to share God's love with our community.

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Amanda said...

Sounds like it could turn into something really big. I hope next week is even more successful.