Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Saturday, April 26, 2008

My First Mug Shot


Okay, not really. It's his passport picture. We're trying to get all his documentation done so we'll be ready for furlough in the fall. We were going to do it a couple of weeks ago but then we were all sick. And then last week, we spent all week "fine-tuning" the team with Jerry and Gail Heiderich, counselors who, among other things, help make teams better. (That's the easy way to explain what they do. I might also describe it as mediating tough conversations, helping us get everything on the table and teaching us how to love each other more.)

We're soooo close to having a new church building. We're just waiting for all the financial stuff to go through. Once it does, I'll fill you in on the details. Keep praying that everything goes smoothly. My parents' church in Winnipeg is also in transition and preparing to move out of their building (a MUCH bigger move than ours!). It's weird to think that they won't be in the building I grew up in and got married in anymore but I know the move will be a blessing for them.

Russell's parents are coming in two weeks. I'm looking forward to the time with them even though I know it's not *me* they're coming here to see. I will gladly take backseat to Jackson in exchange for a little babysitting!
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Monday, April 14, 2008

Not to Complain or Anything

I'm starting to get a little squirrely. JT is finally almost over his infection though I did keep him home from church yesterday. I'm just glad that there is an end in sight to the schedule of antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. My heart goes out to parents with chronically ill children for whom round-the-clock treatments are a fact of life. I haven't even been doing this for one week and am absolutely worn out. I'm just glad it's helped the kid.

But now Russ is sick, too. I think it's just a bad cold or maybe whatever JT has but it's meant that I'm trying to keep the two of them as far apart as possible. Neither one of them is too happy with me as a result but I just want Jackson to finish getting better. So I'm essentially playing the role of single mom to JT and nurse to Russ. Again, I don't know how people do it full time! Fortunately, the dog has been content to snuggle with Russ all day or I'd be having to contend with him, too. (He can be a little high maitenance at times!)

I have a vague memory of The Outside World of which I have had glimpses when we've left the apartment for doctor's appointments but it feels like it's been forever. I'm sure in a day or two both my boys will be better and we can get out of the house for a little bit. And I really can't complain about it because 1. This really is just temporary 2. So many people in the world have Real Problems 3. Even though I'm stuck taking care of them, my boys are two of the most wonderful guys I know.

And because I seem to have to include a picture of him in every post, here's your daily dose of JT:
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

More of the Kids

I still don't have anniversary pictures but my hands have been literally full this week with a sick little boy. Nothing too serious but he's been pretty miserable fighting "the crud", as the Quireys have always described their sinus issues. The antibiotics are doing their job and he's feeling much better but we've got another night or two of very little sleep ahead of us.

Anyway, I stole these pictures from the Maberys' blog and wanted to share them with you. We took them Monday when we all got together for a time of prayer and thanksgiving for the success of the anniversary service.

Looking at this first picture makes me grateful for the husbands on the team! We've defintely got our hands full now!


Now that we have two little babies, these three are the "big kids" of the team.


Finally, here are the two babies. They're growing like weeds!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008



We took a minute before the anniversary service to take a new team picture, our first since the babies were born. It's amazing to think about how much has changed in the past year. Now every family has a kid, which brings a new dynamic to our team times. And this picture will be out-of-date before we know it with Heather coming in June (can't wait to get you here, girl!) and a new Sass baby coming in August.

There'll be more pics from Sunday as soon as I can get my hands on them. I had my hands full with JT and wasn't able to take any of my own.
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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Way to Go

I guess it's your fault. Some of you anyway. I asked you to pray about our anniversary service and you evidently did.

And so we ran out of food.

We had over 150 people in worship this morning and a few more show up for lunch. It was insane and wonderful at the same time.

The room was filled with a mix of our members, members from other congregations, friends, neighbors, co-workers, English students, realtors, language teachers and all kinds of other contacts. Together we thanked God for the family He has brought together. The singing was just awesome as all the voices blended in praise. And yes, we did run out of food but I consider having almost 50% more people than anticipated a wonderful problem to have!

We're still not sure where will be meeting a couple of months from now but it's obvious that some of you have been praying about that, too. We found a new possible location this week and it is quite promising. I'll wait until we've made a decision to tell you about it (and trust me--I'm dying to tell you about it!) but I ask that you keep praying about it! Your prayers seem to be making a big difference!