Sunday, April 06, 2008

Way to Go

I guess it's your fault. Some of you anyway. I asked you to pray about our anniversary service and you evidently did.

And so we ran out of food.

We had over 150 people in worship this morning and a few more show up for lunch. It was insane and wonderful at the same time.

The room was filled with a mix of our members, members from other congregations, friends, neighbors, co-workers, English students, realtors, language teachers and all kinds of other contacts. Together we thanked God for the family He has brought together. The singing was just awesome as all the voices blended in praise. And yes, we did run out of food but I consider having almost 50% more people than anticipated a wonderful problem to have!

We're still not sure where will be meeting a couple of months from now but it's obvious that some of you have been praying about that, too. We found a new possible location this week and it is quite promising. I'll wait until we've made a decision to tell you about it (and trust me--I'm dying to tell you about it!) but I ask that you keep praying about it! Your prayers seem to be making a big difference!


Anonymous said...

Great news! And I doubt anyone minded the food issue when the fellowship was probably fantastic. And the email about the new place...well, I have an idea what it was in a previous life...Glad to hear the anniversary service went so well.

Anonymous said...

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Heather A said...

That's great news!! Sounds like there will be plenty for me to do when I get there! Two months from today!!!! Love you!