Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sunday's Child


So tomorrow our little boy will be six weeks old. It's hard to believe he's the same kid we brought home from the hospital. It's been a wonderful six weeks, with some ups and downs naturally, but we're slowly figuring out how to be parents and JT is figuring out how to be a person. He's got quite the little personality which is why most of my pictures of him are when he's sleeping--when he's awake, his expression is constantly changing and it's hard to get a good picture of him. (Plus I like to look at the sleeping pictures and think about the quiet times!)

We've been asked what it is that we call him. Sometimes we call him Jackson, sometimes JT. We called him JT throughout the pregnancy and I kind of like it. It doesn't work in Portuguese, though, so at church and pretty much everywhere but home he's Jackson. A couple of our members have started calling him JT in Portuguese. That doesn't sound like it makes much sense but with the Portuguese alphabet his name becomes Jota Té (tay). So pretty much you can call him what you prefer except for Jackie. We're not really into that one.

In non-baby related news, our church's two year anniversary service is next Sunday. Please be praying for all the people who we've invited. Also, we're deep in the search for a new building to rent. Staying in our current building is a financial impossiblity. Please keep our search in your prayers. We're trying to find somewhere that will give us room to grow and places like that are pretty hard to come by (at least for the price we want!). So remember our search and negotiations with owners and all that stuff in your prayers!
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Court said...

He's adorable!!! no matter what you call him. ;o)

JenniferReinsch said...

He looks so peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Valerie, he is just beautiful (boy babies can be beautiful). And soon enough he may TELL you what he wants to be called :)

Sorry to hear the location is not working for the church and we will be in prayer for a new location.


mrturtle said...

That's fabulous. I'm a bit behind the times, and I hadn't heard he had come yet. Congratulations and blessings to the three of you!