Friday, March 14, 2008

A Couple of Stolen Moments!

I feel like I've accomplished very little in the past month. Then again, I feel like I've been working constantly. Jackson will be one month old on Monday. I can't believe we've already been parents for a whole month!

The past month was full of the normal new baby stuff--dirty diapers, late night feedings and a sweet snuggly boy--and a few other things. My mom and dad came and spent a couple of weeks with us. They were a huge help as we got the hang of our new jobs. They'd only been here for a couple of days when Russ got rear-ended while taking Dad to the mall. Our car is still in the shop (two weeks later!). Our insurance company provided a (very small) rental car for us for the first week and we've rented another car to get us through until Monday, when hopefully our car will be done. Russ and my dad weren't seriously hurt--it was nothing that a couple of massages at the beach couldn't fix!

This week has been full of adventure. Mom and Dad left on Tuesday. Wednesday morning I woke up to the news that Jennifer was in labor and shortly after heard that our newest teammate, Samuel Josiah Porter, had been born. Then Wednesday afternoon, a new mission team that is in training with Continent of Great Cities arrived. They're on their survey trip and are here to check out our work and pick our brains. I hope we've been able to share a little wisdom with then. At the very least, they're getting to spend some time at the beach, so their stop in Salvador won't have been a total waste!

Lately, for obvious reasons, it's been hard for me to get online and reply to emails and blog. But I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has emailed or sent stuff or shown their love in any of a million different ways. Every day I tell Jackson how much he is loved by so many people that have never met him. I can't wait to bring him on furlough this fall and introduce him to his giant extended family!

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Court said...

Not that I have personal experience, but from what I understand, simply living through the first couple of months of having a newborn is an immense accomplishment in and of itself! Of course, JT's presence in your lives is an incredible, wonderful blessing....but that doesn't mean sleepless nights are easy to deal with! ;o)

Love you guys,