Saturday, April 26, 2008

My First Mug Shot


Okay, not really. It's his passport picture. We're trying to get all his documentation done so we'll be ready for furlough in the fall. We were going to do it a couple of weeks ago but then we were all sick. And then last week, we spent all week "fine-tuning" the team with Jerry and Gail Heiderich, counselors who, among other things, help make teams better. (That's the easy way to explain what they do. I might also describe it as mediating tough conversations, helping us get everything on the table and teaching us how to love each other more.)

We're soooo close to having a new church building. We're just waiting for all the financial stuff to go through. Once it does, I'll fill you in on the details. Keep praying that everything goes smoothly. My parents' church in Winnipeg is also in transition and preparing to move out of their building (a MUCH bigger move than ours!). It's weird to think that they won't be in the building I grew up in and got married in anymore but I know the move will be a blessing for them.

Russell's parents are coming in two weeks. I'm looking forward to the time with them even though I know it's not *me* they're coming here to see. I will gladly take backseat to Jackson in exchange for a little babysitting!
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Diana Turner said...

Jackson is soooooooo cute in his passport photo. Can't stand to be away from you all.

Mom T.

jen o said...

jackson turner, international man of mystery!

jen o said...

oh gracious. you know i meant jackson QUIREY.

Jenny said...

I love the pic and the double chin. ;) I also love free babysitting. We took advantage of that this weekend.

susan said...

looks like trouble :P

Anonymous said...

:( Brings back memories of getting Brandon's pic done...Time is flying by, Baby!

Miss ya!


JenniferReinsch said...

It does look a little like he has been arrested.

Anonymous said...

Glad Nana & Deb arrived home safe after trip toSan Anton.after busy test week,ready 2plan/prepare Mex-Pile-On4SeniorSundayMay4,inB'well!B4flight2visitJT&parents!Please GuideOurStepsEachday,BLESSingThe TimesTOGETHER!&Showing the way2vote,thisElection year!HelpRuss, Val&JT 2B healthythis new month, honoringU&encouragingeachOther.HUGS&HappyMOTHER'Sday!asWepray4THEbest PLACE2WELCOMEyourCommunity4Fellowsh