Friday, July 11, 2008


Tired. Hope these can be short and sweet.

1. Today I found out that some dear friends who have been praying hard for a better job situation have had their prayers answered. I'm so happy for them and am also thrilled because their new city will be much easier for us to visit while on furlough!

2. The cream the dermatologist gave me seems to be working. Oh plague, how I will miss you when you're gone!

3. Our car wouldn't start this morning (we discovered after we got all loaded up in it.) But there were lots of blessings to be found--the maintenance staff of our building was quick to try to help give us a push start (even though it's an automatic--they insisted we try. We humored them.), a friend who was home sick drove over to our place just to give us a boost, and we were able to get the car running with no trouble.

4. Jackson is such a sweet boy. I remind myself of this blessing on the rare days that he's a little grumpy. Most of the time, he is just the happiest little guy. God was kind to us!

5. Forcing myself to write these this week has been a blessing. I've started looking forward to it! (Well, almost. Tonight I was ready to crawl into bed and collapse when I remembered I needed to get this done.) I find myself looking for my blessings throughout the day. I'm going to finish out the weekend and then who knows? This might become a regular feature!


Anonymous said...

Iappreciatyour phrases--(looking forward2,excited...about...didn't wait...)Val,Ilove catching up on the waysYOUR daysGO.EvenIncluding variousDifficultiesUareexperiencingAmVeryBlessed2"tend"afewTOMATOpla
GRATEFUL4memories ofTHOSEfun days--raising4thruEachStage&Season.W/God2CARRY...SuchBLESSINGS!2weedNwater@ JOY& G'MA Debbie's-FLOWERS&TREES, shrubs.&seeG'PaMike'sNEWpuppy(BO) WHOis(also"IN TRAINING!"hugs4JT!weLOVEY'ALL.REMEMBERyourBERRIESraspberries&Particularly Blackberries-forColds,SORE THROATS&Flu. OURCreatorKNOWStheSTRESS&WAYS2 HELP.weCANaddNUTRIENTS,W/ALLthoseBeautifulColorsREDandGREENpeppers,CARROTS,CitrusORANGES.&G'PA MIKE'S spinach.Godhas sentHELP-W/Grain HarvestMOSTLYfinished-Wonderful RAIN4SORGHUM&SOYBEANS.Time2bale ALFALFA&PRAIRIEgrass-ahead ofMiloStalks.

Anonymous said...

RememberAll thoseCOLORS--ARE4the skin-Vitiman A-in all those dark GREENS,spinach&kahle;PurpleCabbage/the bright orangeofCarrots-+filled w/Fiber!GLAD yourCREAMis helping!

Ginger said...

I would love for this to be a regular feature on your blog and mine too. :)