Sunday, July 06, 2008

Sunday Afternoon


Jackson's face sums it up. By Sunday afternoon we are TIRED. As anyone in any form of ministry can attest, Sundays are not our day of rest. Saturdays aren't much better because we have all the buildup to Sunday. But by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around, we're exhausted.

But enough complaining!

It's really a blessing! We spent our morning in worship with our church family who, with every week that passes, seem more and more like real family to us. Then we went out to lunch with the gang from Auburn and Heather, the intern. (Sorry, Heather, I'll stop calling you Heather-the-intern soon!) They've been working hard teaching English--their time slots are all filling up and the church building is so full of life. Their students love them so much they spend hours just hanging out at the building. (Which, by the way, is another way this building is proving to be a blessing--with so many rooms, there's lots of places for people to hang out without disturbing other activities.) They're a great group of "kids" and Russ and I enjoy hanging out with them. I'll say that it's because it reminds us of the time we spent working in college ministry and not because we want to relieve our own college years. After lunch we headed back to the church where we had our beginner English class. We had close to twenty students, most of them new this year. Russ just told me that Fernanda, a teenaged girl that was there for the first time today, asked her mom if she could come to class and her mom said, "No! That place is a house of prostitution!" Fernanda insisted it had been cleaned up and is now a church and her mom agreed to come with her to check it out. Word is spreading about the transformation!

Now I'm sitting here, hoping that at some point I'll get the motivation to make some dinner. (I have a feeling that our rumbling tummies will soon provide the motivation we need!)

Sundays are tough but I wouldn't have it any other way! In fact, since I was a PK I don't know any other way to live! I wonder what it's like to have weekends to relax!
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Jennifer Reinsch said...

Jackson's sweet face just makes me smile each time you put a picture of him up.

I'm so glad to hear that everything is coming together so nicely. You guys are always in my prayers.