Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oh Wait!

I did have something deep to say today:

Just a little while ago Jackson and I were lying on the bed and I was singing to help him slow down enough to fall asleep. One of the songs was When the Night Is Falling. If you don't know it, the lyrics are:

When the night is falling
and the day is done
I can hear You calling, "Come!"
I will come while you sing over me.

When the night surrounds me,
all my dreams undone
I can hear You calling, "Come!"
I will come while you sing over me.

When the night would hide my way
I will listen until I hear you say,

"How I love you, child! I love you!
How I love you, child! I love you!
How I love you!"

When this life is over
and the race is run
I will hear You calling, "Come!"
I will come while you sing over me.

Jackson was lying beside me quietly, watching me sing. When I got to the chorus (the "how I love you" part) he decided he was tired of just lying there and rolled over. He looked up and gave me the biggest grin. My heart swelled (cheesy old expression but there's no other way to describe it!) and as I looked at my son and sang those words I swear I got a glimpse of just how much God loves us.

Except He loves us EVEN MORE THAN THAT!!!


Anonymous said...

Well,I'vespent2hourslovingyour picture/blog&responding/previewing,only2loseIT..justB4SENDING!THANKS4theWORKy'allRdoing!GLADMike&DebCAN
VISIT Matt-LordWILLING-later2day

Anonymous said...

FriendsfromVirginiaarrived2a.m. Tues,afterdrivingFROMAnnandale,VA.

Anonymous said...

PRAISEreports!!GodHASheardourcall!W/D'NAE'SSUCCESSFULheartvalveSURGERY+Tracy&ANDREA-THANKUVAL!THANKUGOD!!thanks4AGLIMPSE20YRSlater,asMYPRECIOUS2ndsonSHAREDtheDepth of hisGRATITUDE/hopes/dreams&goals4LIFEW/AMY,OSUfriend!&CHRISTIAN-


Anonymous said...

I'll look forward2hearingthetune2COME/&moreTUNES2COME!!-
IT'SincredibletheBLESSINGSGODsends,ON THE HEELSof...pain&NEED4prayer,ASdavidSHAREDnewsOFe.m.splitINprogressTHANKU,Lord.I'LLlaythat1 BACKinYourHANDSagain!OnlyYOUcanUnderstand--&GUIDE-u'veBEENthereSOmanytimes.helpingw/thisTROUBLE&situation!3decades-I'llLEANonYOU-&-NOT-DEFINITELYnotMYOWNunderstanding!

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Anonymous said...

enjoyed tostado time at Taco Mayo w/ Nana Joy.Visited w/mbachman-the Lord provided a"new2 her computer" she was planning2find one;her files wouldn't transfer-all those studies,etc...areGone. She can reconnect to internet/e-mail,etc
w/a new address. Candace Turner's new little surprise, after everyone else is in College? was at B'well today w/Jim&Linda-Don't know the age comparison for RUSS- Candace

Anonymous said...

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