Sunday, June 07, 2009

Slices of Life

I'll try to catch you up on the past couple of weeks and let you see what life is like these pictures!

Here was a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. Here was the sight at the front of the room:

In my defense, Jackson had slept in and only woke up as we were getting in the car. And in Jenn's defense, little boys in shorts and boots are the cutest thing ever.

But let me call your attention to something else in the picture:

It's Jackson's latest fixation: microphones. He will walk to the front during any event and try to get the mike. Sometimes, if I'm teaching English or whatever, I'll let him hold it for me or even talk into it. I might just be encouraging it.

We had a small groups party that evening. We had an international-themed potluck, which consisted mostly of American food that we missionaries had made. Then we had a time of worship.

But that's not the most accurate picture. This is more like it:

You may be starting to notice a theme here--Jackson is quite a character.

Here's his "please-oh-please?" face:

Seriously, who could resist?

And if, somehow, I manage to say no, this face appears.

And then it breaks my heart and I give in anyway. Which is probably how I ended up with a kid that loves chips and salsa.

We've been having LST parties every week. Two weeks ago the theme was "birthday party" and we did typical birthday party things.

Like act like big dorks. But I'm not dissing Randy. I played this game too and won a box of yummy Canadian chocolate.

Jackson, of course, did his own thing.

Last Monday we took the LST "kids" (seriously--they get younger every year!) to the beach. Jackson had a great day--we finally found something that can wear him out.

Well, it didn't really last long. He was just resting, it turns out, because before long, he said "Bye!" and took off.

And he still had energy to play in the sand.

Last week's LST party was all about card games:

Russ made his own fun.

I guess I know where Jackson gets it from!

That brings us to this past Friday night. Yesterday at church we had a baby shower for Mary Virginia and their due-any-second-now-but-hopefully-won't-show-up-for-another-week baby, Paisley, and then we went out for lunch with Heather's parents for Heather's birthday. But, alas, I discovered my camera battery was dead the first time I tried to take a picture yesterday.

And I forgot to mention that Saturday night our small group finally resumed meeting. They're such a blessing to us and I want all of you to be praying for our friend, Genivalda, who is so close to becoming a Christian. Pray that God will remove whatever is holding her back from entering a full relationship with Him.

So that's what we've been up to! Our life seems to be a lot of big days followed by recovery days. Thankfully we have been blessed with a child who can handle our crazy life!


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Tamara said...

Your baby is ADORABLE. I'd give in to that face too!
Owen is obsessed with mics, and guitars and pianos, and really anything his daddy uses.
At band rehearsal last night, Owen had a live mic. Matt counted off the band to start, and Owen started singing--the right song and key, no less! Yeah, I'm thinking he's his daddy's boy for sure.

Anonymous said...

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