Friday, May 29, 2009

Didn't She Ramble

I know as I'm sitting down to write that my time is short; Jackson has been napping for a while and he always seems to wake up when I start to write.

For the most part, life has been normal. We've had some sunny days this week and have actually found a mason to take care of the church roof. LST is going strong; though the rain has been interfering with people actually showing up. Tonight is their second party and the weather looks good so hopefully we'll have a good turnout.

I'm in one of those modes where I've got about eight million things on my mind and on my plate and I spent my time jumping from thing to thing, seemingly never actually accomplishing anything. Today my excuse is that I'm tired because we had to get up early and take Jackson for some bloodwork, but I did the same thing yesterday so that excuse won't really hold up.

And this post is ending up way too stream of consciousness for my taste but I feel like I've been a slacker when it comes to blogging and I'm trying to atone.

My mind is, among other places, in the U.S. right now, with our teammate Matt, who lost his brother this week, and with my cousins, who lost their mom. I keep looking for words for them and keep coming up short. I have spent a great deal of time in prayer for them, knowing that it's the one time when I don't have to worry about the words. Thank God for His Spirit who communicates what we're unable to.

(That last sentence took me two hours to write because, as predicted, the little guy woke up from his nap!)

June will be an interesting month. The team has lots of visitors coming--Matt and Mary Virginia's parents (the baby will also be showing up in June!), Heather's parents, our dear friends the McClures and one of the ministers from Eastern Hills and his wife (also good friends!). I think there's a few other people showing up, too! Add to that the ongoing LST campaign, our big June holiday of São João and a new term of English class starting and you can see what a big month we've got!

I don't really have anything else to say, so I'll go for my default closing--a picture of Jackson!


Matt said...

I like the picture. -mv

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Jennifer Reinsch said...

Is he a cleaning super hero?