Monday, May 04, 2009


We're back from our trip to Maceió. When I was growing up, my family went to church gatherings in exciting places like Weyburn, Saskatchewan and Carman, Manitoba. Jackson is enjoying a different experience.

There were close to 200 of our brothers and sisters from all over the northeast (and a few brave souls from the south).
Twelve of us from ICOS made the trek, which we had been told was eight hours and ended up taking fourteen. It was a tight squeeze in the car but we were happy for the chance to have some more time with some of our church family.
We stayed at a camp right on the coast that was just gorgeous!

It rained most of the weekend, so that meant I was stuck carrying JT around but even the gloomy weather couldn't keep us from having a great time! We met lots of new people and had a chance to see some friends that live far away. JT made more friends than any of us!

I called this post "Back" for two reasons--1. We're back from our weekend away and 2. WE'RE BACK ONLINE!!! Our internet connection is up and running and is going at an amazing speed! I am so thankful to be once again connected with the rest of the world!

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