Monday, May 11, 2009

Cold and Flu Season

"Winter" has arrived. I say winter in quotes because, with lows in the 70s, this is certainly nothing I would have previously categorized as winter. But it's cool and damp and even a jaded Canadian like myself uses this opportunity to pull out what I normally think of as "furlough clothes": lightweight long-sleeved sweaters, layered t-shirts, slightly thicker dress pants. (It has to be pretty cold for me to actually don socks; even if it were, I don't really have shoes that you can wear with socks!) The locals, for the most part, find this weather incredibly cold, as would you if 65 were the coldest you had ever experienced in your life.

With winter comes cold and flu season. All the little kids are sniffling/sneezing/hacking up a lung and some of their parents are, too. Such would be the case with JT and me. We've spent the past couple of days cooped up at home, watching the same couple of Backyardigans/Hi5 dvds over and over and OVER again. (Confession: we did escape for a couple of hours yesterday so I could go out to lunch for Mother's Day.) And my supply of stickers is greatly depleted because they're one of the few things I can count on to help Grumpy McGrumperton's mood.

He seemed to be feeling better yesterday but early this morning he seemed to be worse. Now he seems to be doing better; he just has that annoying cough. I, on the other hand, am definitely feeling worse but my mommy is 6,000 miles away so I guess I'm just going to have to buck up.

Tomorrow our LST team arrives and I just found out that one of the guys is from Winnipeg. It's kind of funny, though, because I remember him best as not much old than Jackson. Hopefully Jackson and I will be better soon so we can partake in all the LST fun!


Tamara said...

I feel your pain. I spent Mom's day crashed on the couch with some sort of evil virus. My mom's too far away to come make me better as well, and that sucks.
Matt did his best to make it a great day, and considering how much sleep I got--it was a GREAT day.
I hope you & JT feel better soon!

Sarah Earnhart said...

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Sarah Beth