Friday, June 26, 2009

The McClures!

Jackson is all tuckered out.


This week we've been blessed to have our friends, the McClures, with us. We worked with Basil back in the day at Mayfair, in Oklahoma City, and he was our college minister before that. Basil and Rachel were missionaries in Brasilia so every few years they bring back their boys, Matthew and Joshua, to see where they're from.

We had a great week, though it just flew by! Yesterday was definitely the best day. We took them up to Praia do Forte, where we enjoyed the beach and tidal pools and, of course, the sea turtles. It was Jackson's first time to really get to enjoy Projeto Tamar (he was asleep last time). He loved it.



But if Jackson could talk (in complete sentences), he would tell you that his favorite part of the McClures' visit was Matt and Josh. They were his new best buddies, and he loved having "big boys" around to climb on and play Wii with him. It was fun to watch Matt and Josh, who we've known since they were little guys, take care of our little guy. (I still can't believe they're 15!)

It was amazing to spend the week with such special friends. As I write, they're packing up their bags to head to the airport.

But we won't have much time to miss them! Tomorrow morning we're headed BACK to the airport to pick up Dan and Becky Rogers, from Eastern Hills Church of Christ in Athens, TX (our sponsoring church). We're thrilled they'll be staying with us for the next few days!

Hotel Quirey is open for the summer!


Jenny said...

The boys are so big! I can't believe they are 15 either. What handsome men they are becoming.

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