Friday, June 12, 2009


Tonight we had a really fun LST party. The theme was "camp" and we started by roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

Usually Brazilians eat hot dogs cooked on the stove and covered in all sorts of interesting toppings (mayo, parmesan cheese, corn, peas, etc) so this was a little unusual for them. But they adapted well.

We used a grill that is made from the drum of a washing machine and umbrella guts as our roasting sticks. It was quite a sight. There were lots of people all dressed up headed to the restaurant up the street. It was certainly some interesting church advertising!

Then we went inside for some silly games and fun. The pinatas were a big hit. The Sunday school kids made them to help out LST. It's awesome that the kids are already learning how to help support other areas of the church.

Finally, no camp experience would be complete without singing. Here is Justin leading a song I know very well from my camp days:

Tonight's party was a lot of fun and was well-attended. I'm sad that there's only one party left! Things always seem a little dull after LST leaves!

(This post was by Val. I don't know why it says this is Russ.)

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dave said...

{shameless}I taught that song to michael w smith.{/shameless}