Sunday, August 03, 2008

Survey Sunday


Our invasion of Boca do Rio (the new neighborhood) continues! Yesterday was another free lunch and almost 100 people showed up! Today we sent out teams to survey the neighborhood. They asked people about their religious affiliation and, more importantly, what a church can do to best minister to this neighborhood. Travis has been preaching a series on the lessons we can learn from the book of Joshua and the church is excited to "conquer" our new neighborhood in God's name. So, for example, this week's survey was like sending spies out. Next week we'll spend time reflecting as a church on the time we spent in prayer and fasting. Everything is gearing up to our big grand opening of the new building in two weeks. Keep us in your prayers as we seek God's will for us in this new neighborhood.
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Amanda said...

That's wonderful! I hope you get a lot of useful feedback and are able to develop a plan. It is wonderful that the whole church is behind the "peaceful takeover."