Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sniff sniff

The "kids" go home tomorrow. It has been great having them here. They have brought so much life to everything and I've been so proud of them for connecting with their students in so many ways.

Those connections were evident last night. A couple of weeks ago at one of the weekly parties, a couple of the students came up to me and said they wanted to plan a surprise goodbye party for them. They said they'd handle all the planning--we just had to show up and bring a little food. It was an offer we couldn't refuse. We left the party in the hands of the students and they did a great job. When we showed up yesterday, the building was decorated, there was a table full of food and there was a whole evening of activities planned. First on the agenda was getting a little revenge for all the games the Auburn crew had made their students play. They painted their faces, made them sing the Brazilian anthem and gave them quizzes about Brazil. After that there were speeches and performances. It was a lot of fun and an excellent testament to how they touched the lives of so many people here.

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