Saturday, February 10, 2007

What a Difference a Tan Makes

Two Years Later, originally uploaded by russandval.

People seem to be getting a kick out of this comparison so I'll share it with everyone. The first picture is from my ID card when we first arrived in Brazil. The second is my new ID picture, taken this week. Before the word "goth" comes up again, let me just say in my defense: 1. I moved in March so I was coming out of winter (the reason for the paleness). 2. My hair was not black, just a dark brown. 3. I was in the middle of the chaos of moving.

Even still, I can laugh at myself.

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Court said...

You're inspiring me, Val. Maybe I'll post a shot of my last passport picture, in which I'm so pale as to not have a distinguishable nose in the shot. For that one, I don't know if "Goth" or "clown" would be more accurate.

Maybe Goth clown. ;o)