Friday, June 10, 2005


My friend Rachel told me that when she first arrived in Brazil she was afraid to answer the phone because she didn't know enough Portuguese. Well, I guess I'm doing better than she was, because I keep having a different problem that makes me not want to answer the phone. This has happened three times now. The first time was funny. The second time was cute. Now it's getting old.

A guy calls up. Asks for another guy. It's a wrong number. Checks the number he called and we determine it is indeed the right number. I explain that our number is new. Now, up until this point, I am fine. Wrong numbers happen. We get calls all the time for the doctor that used to have this number. But then the guy will ask what my name is. And where I live. If I'm Brazilian. What I'm doing here. What I like about living here. How old I am. Finally, the conversations turn to who I live with. When I answer, "My husband," I know the call will end soon. They usually say, "Oh, your husband. Hm. Well, good luck in Brazil. Thanks and goodbye."

Friends, I tell you this has happened three times! And I swear it has been three different guys! (Okay, I don't swear it because for two of the calls I did have a high fever, but I'm pretty sure!) I have got to ask our language teachers if it is normal for guys to turn a wrong number into a pickup or if guys dial numbers hoping to find girls to pick up! Either way, it makes me want to make Russ answer the phone for a while.

(On the other hand, it does make me feel pretty good about my Portuguese, since they don't guess I'm a foreigner right away!)


jenoaks said...

That's too funny!

Valerie said...

Funny, but the last one got a little creepy. He was telling me the street he lives on and everything- near my teammates! But he didn't know where I lived, so I'm not worried.

But I gotta laugh. And I'll blame it on my raspy "sick voice" that makes me sound so appealing!