Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Best Yogurt Ever

The Best Yogurt Ever
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A definite advantage to living in the tropics is all the incredible fruit we have. Not only do we get the fruit fresh, it finds its way into all kinds of products. Yesterday we discovered this yogurt- it's graviola flavored. Graviola (aka cherimoya) is a gentle flavor, mixing all the tropical tastes into one perfect experience. The only problem now will be not drinking too much of this yogurt!

I'm feeling much better now. I was off my feet for a week but I'm starting to get my energy back. I did lose about seven pounds though! Not my prefered method of weight loss, but I'm not complaining.

Electrolux is supposed to come this morning with the parts for our oven. We'll see.


Mom Turner said...

Hi Val--Glad you're starting to feel better. As you know, yogurt is really good for recovering digestive systems. I'm so sorry you were so sick.

We want to taste that fruit!

Love you lots,

Karen said...

Welcome back, Val. Glad you're on the up and up.

jenoaks said...

mmm, foreign yogurt....

dave said...

mom is such a mom, huh? just giving some handy advice there.
how's this for handy advice..

just keep that in mind, a'ite?