Monday, February 02, 2009


1. I can't believe Jackson will be turning one in just fifteen days. That's all I'm going to say about that right now or I will get all teary-eyed and sappy.

2. This morning's dose of perspective came through a story from a friend whose husband had finally found a job but was unable to show up for the job because they had absolutely no money for bus fare. They had spent the last of their cash on medicine for their sick baby. She went to the homes of four of their neighbors and no one had the two dollars they needed.

3. Russ is off getting the car fixed. Last Wednesday our front bumper was ripped off due to a "parking miscalculation" and the next day we were rear-ended in traffic. Poor car!

4. We had our team Super Bowl party last night. I didn't watch any of the game but had a nice time visiting with the girls while the kids played. And of course, I enjoyed the food!

We went all went home at halftime and I didn't even stay up to finish the game. I'm getting old, I guess!

5. Speaking of Super Bowl food, I made deviled eggs last night. Usually Jenn brings them but since she's on furlough I volunteered. I boiled a dozen eggs and when I started peeling them, I noticed something odd. And it just kept getting odder and odder.

Here are the yolks from twelve eggs. Notice anything?

Here are the whites:

THEY WERE ALL DOUBLE-YOLKS! It was kind of creepy but I didn't mind too much since the yolks are my favorite part!


Anonymous said...

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Ryan and Katie said...

does that mean the eggs would have had twin baby chickens?

Rebecca said...

We didn't watch all of the game either. Sometimes we fight over who has to stay up to put the kids to bed. We are old too. I guess its part of being a parent, the kids suck our sleep away from us. But it is totally worth it!!