Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Little Smile

So tonight we were checking out at the grocery store. Jackson was sitting in the cart next to the groceries waiting to be bagged and was reaching out for anything he could grab. Since he was contained, I wasn't paying too much attention to him and was focused on the cashier ringing things up. All of a sudden he put something in my hand. It was cool and slimy and pinkish. What could it be? I looked around and saw the watermelon. It couldn't be the watermelon, I thought. It's in plastic wrap.

But upon closer examination, I discovered he had slid the plastic wrap aside and was taking chunks off the watermelon quarter. The boy loves his watermelon!

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Tamara said...

We try to avoid processed sugars until our kiddos are over 2 years. So, we had to get creative for birthdays. My sister-in-law liked the idea, and for my niece's birthday we did watermelon with homemade whipped cream. It was a hit!
My daughter is a fall baby, so there was no watermelon available. We did sweet potatoes instead. Eden LOVED it!