Wednesday, June 04, 2008


note: I started this post a week ago and am going to try to finish it now. But I'm racing the clock, or rather, the baby--will he wake up before I finish?


JT is interacting more and more with his world. As you can see, his eyes are like saucers as he studies everything around him. He's very patient as we haul him around town on all kinds of adventures--to the annual city-wide worship, to the hardware store, to the market--and he's happy as long as he gets to see what's going on.

We had a great time with Russell's parents but it was much too short, as such visits always are. I'm happy to say that though Jackson was spoiled for two weeks straight, the damage doesn't seem irreparable and he's adjusting back to our quieter life.

I don't know how quiet life is going to be for the next couple of months, though. Our first Sunday in the new building will be June 22 so everyone is working feverishly to make it happen. Before then we have a campaign from Highland Church of Christ in Abilene coming for just over a week and the arrival of our intern, Heather. But wait--there's more! Right after we move in, a campaign from Auburn will arrive to spend six weeks teaching English, like last year.

The sign was moved from the old building to the new one yesterday and we drove by last night to have a look. It was kind of surreal but, at the same time, it looked "right" there.

An interesting thing about our new location (as if there wasn't already a million interesting things about it): Our old place was a former church and was located on Rua Espírito Santo (Holy Spirit Street). The new one is a former strip club and is on Rua Iemanjá, named after the goddess of the sea. A name is just a name and a questionable past can be overcome but it makes me wonder what adventures this location will hold for us!
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JenniferReinsch said...

Those eyes are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

what a blessing 2 have such CUTE PICTURES,asLife w/JT brings SUCH FUN- "KODAK"4you2retrieve
LATER, as U ENCOUNTER VARIETY&questions DURING MORECHALLENGING stages...pre-school/teen,dating/birthdays;marriage;grandchildren of YOUR OWN!asTIME FLIES! We were thankful the rains didn't bring twisters back 2B'well, lasr night.

Anonymous said...

Yea 4 y'all! Workin' w/new area/group/bldg...etc..!!Boca de Rio!!So Exciting.!!JT's grandpa workedconcrete;took careof some trees thatHAD broken-inthe wind;manydetails

Anonymous said...

Hugs2YourGroup!Praying4yourteam, family.PreciousJT,Bldg,GladYoungLanguageTrainingEnergyWillArrivesoon. Auburn&Etc.