Friday, June 13, 2008

A Little Portuguese Lesson

Tomorrow is our next workday up at the building. (That's not to say there hasn't been almost daily work up there--tomorrow is just the next big church-wide workday.) I'd been hearing the guys throw around a Portuguese word in relation to our work up at the building: mutirĂ£o (moo-chee-ROWN). Based on context, I was able to get a general idea that it was something like a workday. I often figure out definitions of words as I go and rarely stop to look them up.

A couple of days ago I needed to actually look up the word and was pleasantly surprised to discover I wasn't entirely right. MutirĂ£o: help that members of a community give each other.

Isn't that wonderfully descriptive? What a great word!


Anonymous said...

LOVEth'word4communityworking2gether "mutirao"-help members of a community give each other..the blessing ofGod'sFAMILY-thinking of your NEW BLDNG;praying4WISDOM... sweet streams of joy,peace,hugs; patience&knowledge/guidancein the Lord'sPresence,asdecisions are made.Hug thatPRECIOUS YOUNGMAN!!(BOTH OF THEM!)

Anonymous said...

WHEATharvest has begunHERE..BUTwe are thankful u areACTIVEw/ language study WHILEhelpingshare the Lord's love-inBRAZIL-4Salvador'sHARVEST---of SOULS!!!HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!RUSSELL!!