Sunday, January 27, 2008

Goodbye, Old Friend

Skippy and Val, originally uploaded by russandval.

I found out last night that our family dog, Skippy, passed away yesterday. Skippy was more than a pet--she was truly a member of the family, as anyone who knew her could attest. She lived a long life--almost twenty years--and was quite possibly the sweetest dog I have ever known. As we grew up and went away to school, the biggest fights at holiday times would be over who got to sleep with Skip. When my high school did the musical Annie, Skippy played Sandy and seemed to love all the attention. It's going to be strange the next time we visit my parents and I don't get to see my girl!

So I'm a little bummed today. And quite bored. I've been on my back with a monster head cold for the better part of a week. My voice has returned somewhat, though even Russ doesn't know it's me when I answer the phone! (Hey, at least I can answer the phone now--for a couple of days there I couldn't talk at all!)

The rest of the team gets home from furlough in a couple of hours! We can't wait!


Valerie said...

Just a little bit of additional trivia: Russ took that picture with his first digital camera, purchased ten years ago. Now you know why it's got such KILLER resolution!

Jenny said...

Goodbye Skippy, I'm sure the bananas are better where you are.

Donna said...

Don and I still reference to much back to our first dog. They have such an important place in our lives. Hope you are feeling better.