Wednesday, September 14, 2005

A Quick Update

I'm tired and am headed for bed but I figured I was due for an update (especially since I know some of you faithfully check every day!). So here's what's new:

-The six-month anniversary of our arrival here was yesterday. Hard to believe we're halfway through our first year. So much done and yet even more to do.

-We have a Portuguese teacher once again! We've hired my old teacher to teach our little study group. Our first class was this morning. We're meeting at 8:00 AM, which explains why I'm eager to get to bed.

-Everything else is progressing. We're having to have big conversations now about church names, locations and budgets. Gone are the days of dreaming. It's time to make the dreams reality and get to work. Unfortunately that means more meetings, but they'll be the kind that create concrete plans. I much prefer those.

-Culture shock is still there but seems to be not as bad as it was. Slowly we're emerging from our funks (though it may be temporary). Everyone is much more agreeable and we all seem to have more patience with each other. Everyone is making leaps and bounds with Portuguese- I'm so proud of all the hard work that's being put in.

-I cut my hair off. It's much nicer in the heat and definitely easier to take care of. Russell is also happy that I'm no longer shedding two-foot hairs on our white floors! I'll try to put a picture on Flickr in the next day or two for those who want to see it. My hairdresser brought up church stuff the other day. I've only been to her twice but I will be going back, especially because she really wanted to talk about it. Please pray for Rosi.


Ginger said...

WOW! I can't believe it has been six months either. I pray for y'all often. Give the Parkers a hug for me!

Court said...

Hi Val! Congrats on passingthe six-month mark! Feels like Ed and I just past that mark a few days ago...but we've really been here in Chemnitz almost four years! Time passes more and more quickly, especially the busier you get. Sounds like you guys are moving into that stage rather rapidly. ;o)
I don't know about moving-to-Brazil culture shock, but moving-to-Germany culture shock has been cyclical. The funks pass, then return with less intensity each time. But every time they come, they're easier to deal with. Bright sunlight at the end of every tunnel, with the tunnels getting shorter all the time. :o)

JenniferReinsch said...

what's the flickr?