Sunday, September 18, 2005

Life Is Good

I had a great moment at church today. We visited the oldest Church of Christ in the city, and after the service, the oldest member in the city (I am relatively certain) pulled me aside. He asked, "Do you have a video camera? Because you guys are so encouraging to us, and I just want your supporters back in the states to feel as good as we do about your work." I just love that guy. He reminds me of a friend from my hometown- Marvin -who gave me my first job. I just wanted to pass that warm fuzzy on. We are loved, even though we are far from home. God bless.


susan said...

Nice post. I started reading it and assumed it was val writing, I couldn't figure out who Marvin was. Keep posting, you have good stuff to say :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely know who Marvin is....and he has been such a rock to me for so many years too! Robin