Monday, September 12, 2005


Birthday "Cake"
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Part of the joy of being here as a team is getting to be family for each other. We make a point to celebrate everyone's birthday and we try to do it to suite the person. (Except poor Alicia, whose last two birthday were while we were in hotels, but we're going to make that up to her!) Last Friday was Travis' birthday so we celebrated it Sunday night at our after worship meal. Travis is not a dessert guy. He is frequently seen finishing off the leftover salad instead of devouring whatever gooey sweet monstrosity someone has concocted (that's just not right in my book!). So as we talked about what to do for his birthday, an idea emerged...the birthday salad. Stacey filled her cake pan with salad, added a "32" out of cherry tomatoes and candles were put into more cherry tomatoes. Needless to say, he was suprised when we brought the lit cake out. Can't say I've ever seen a birthday salad before, or that I ever will again, but we all got a kick out of it and so did Travis' vegetarian dad when he saw the picture!

(Don't worry, we did have real dessert later on!)


bethany said...

I actually gave my sister a birthday pinapple once and just shoved a votive candle in the top. Worked pretty well, actually.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Valerie! I found you through a couple of random links through other OC blogs. Glad to see that things are going well for you and Russ. Michael was over here a couple of weeks ago, working with my hubbie on First Week Follies - but I forgot to ask him about you! Duh!

Email when you get a chance. I quit my full-time job but still work at OC part-time, so my email is the same.

I will add you guys to my prayer list!

Penny Eubank

Heather A said...

That cracks me up!! The birthday perfect for Travis. I love your creativity! I miss you guys a ton! We had a special prayer time for your team in church tonight after the Perkins gave a report on their trip to Salvador in July. It was really neat, but it made me miss you guys like crazy! I just wanted to hop on a plane and go back! :) Send my love to the rest of the team! Love you guys!