Thursday, August 25, 2005


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I said I was going to continue telling you about our trip to the beach but there's just not much to tell. We went to the beach. It was fun.

I'm pretty unenthusiatic right now- I've caught a nasty headcold. Alicia has one, too, and there's reports of a few sore throats among the team. Oh, the dangers of team missions! I did go to the pharmacy to find medicine for it. What they gave me isn't as good as my trusty Dayquil/Nyquil combo but seems to be getting the job done.

On our way home for supper this afternoon, we stopped in our corner market. We were just going to pick up some potatoes, which are kept along with the other vegetables outside the main part of the store (you have to carry your vegetables the wrong direction through the checkout stand to get to fruit, bread and anything else you might need). Anyway, we wandered into the main part of the store. There is a glass case in the middle that usually has a variety of sweets in it. Russ glanced in the case, which, usually, is full of cakes with prunes and other unidentifiable fillings. But today he discovered...doughnuts!!!

You have to understand, doughnuts are a rare find here. Dunkin' Donuts once opened a shop here in the city but it quickly closed, apparently due to lack of interest. (Sidenote- one day when we were out shopping, I noticed the old Dunkin' Donuts sign and insisted we had to go check it out just on the off chance that it wasn't an old sign at all. It was an old sign.) But whether you eat them American style (for breakfast) or Canadian style (for dessert), doughnuts have been a big part of our lives. Until now, of course.

So imagine our shock and delight upon finding a tray of doughnuts in a small corner store in the middle of Salvador. We immediately bought some then raced home to eat dinner so we could eat them for dessert. (I know, we could have just eaten them outright, but I'm sick and I just figured I needed something a little better on my stomach before that!)

As we bought the doughnuts we briefly acknowledged that these might not taste like North American doughnuts. They might be horrible. They might be like the packaged brownies we bought or like the fake cheddar cheese. But we quickly pushed those thoughts to the backs of our minds and took the chance.

The verdict? Definitely doughnuts. As Russ said, "They tasted like a very fresh Wal-Mart doughnut." I prefer Tim Horton's to Wal-Mart, but I'll take what I can get! That's not to say there wasn't a Brazilian spin on them- they had been sliced open and filled with chocolate (the one with chocolate sprinkles) and doce de leite. But actually, the modification was quite good!

So yes, this is a Val-getting-very-excited-about-nothing post, but I'm on decongestants! What do you expect?

In other news, today we paid our deposit to attend the missionary conference in January. We'll share more about it as it gets closer, but I'm already looking forward to it!


Anonymous said...

One thing you never have to explain is a love of doughnuts. They help make the world go round or at least make the trip eaisier. Love, Jenny

JenniferReinsch said...

i agree. it is truly okay to get super excited about doughnuts. yum yum.

Mom T. said...

Sorry to hear you and others are sick again. Moving to a new place seems to take a toll on the body for a year or two. But only your family knows how truly comforting it was for you to find those doughnuts! Take care-we love you.

Mom T.

Anonymous said...


its 'donuts.'

not nuts of dough. poor contraction, doughnuts is. because its not appropriate. they are not nuts. so use the all original word, donuts.

tim hortons has a couple pretty awesome new flavors, i won't lie. and the muffins and bagels have really improved.

im at harding right now. check me out. no seriously, check me out!

i am not signing up for classes or wives here.

i miss you guys.
much love
davis the turner

Anonymous said...

Sorry you are not feeling well. I will pray that you get better. We had mission meeting today and had group prayer for your team. I LOVE doughnuts too! That and chocolate always help when I am feeling down!! Love you, Candy

Valerie said...

I am much better now, thanks to all for your concern.

And thank you for your reassurance in regards to my doughnut fixation!

(And, dear brother o' mine, donut is an acceptable spelling but wikipedia will direct you to the better one! Get a haircut and a real job! ;) ) Muito amor!

Hi Candy! Thanks for your prayers! We miss the gang at EH tons! We're praying that your house sells soon!