Sunday, August 07, 2005

Daily Life

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At first glance, it may seem that Russell is enjoying some kind of naughty tropical drink. On further examination, you will realize there is not tiny umbrella sticking out of the coconut. He's drinking an agua de coco (coconut water). You can buy one on almost every street corner. One morning we saw the delivery truck with thousands of green coconuts in the back. It was amazing.

The best agua de coco is bem gelado, or well chilled. The vendor will then hack the top off with a machete or, if you're at a nicer stand, use a little hand drill. After that, just drop in a straw and you've got yourself a great drink.

Most people on our team aren't yet into the taste but Russ and I love them. It's especially handy if you've been sick. Agua de coco is one of the world's best sources of electrolytes. It's got more potassium than a banana and also does a great job of keeping your digestive system working properly. We keep bottles of it in the freezer just in case, but the best way to have it is on the street. The other advantage to buying it on the street is the cost- Russ paid 70 centavos, or about $0.30 for the one he's drinking.


Karen said...

That is so cool, all the different exotic fruits and stuff that you are now exposed to. Thanks for sharing.

Court said...

How amazing! I had no idea one could do that with a coconut. Or that coconuts could be green! I'm pathetically ignorant of tropical fruits and tropical cultures. Val, I'm glad that through your blog, I get to have a "taste" of this culture I've never experienced! It's fun. ;o)