Sunday, August 14, 2005


Shower Head
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Have I mentioned yet that I miss having a bathtub? In light of yesterday's depressing yet necessary ramble, I bring you something much less serious:

This morning I woke up with the makings of a monster headache. My headaches usually come from tension in my neck muscles. I make a point to use a special pillow and try to keep my neck in good shape. But this morning it kept building and building. I wanted more than anything to relax in a nice hot bath.

But, unfortunately, this is what we have. Showers. We don't have hot water in our building, instead the showerhead electrically heats the water. The cord running into the wall provides the juice. The water will get nice and hot, but something is lacking. I wish that we had a place to sit down and soak. I used to love taking long baths, sometimes reading, other times just zoning out for close to an hour.

It's funny to me that you can find bath salts and bubble bath in most stores but very few people actually have tubs. What do people do with them?!?

One of these days, when I'm really tired and stressed out, I'm going to go get a hotel room for a night and sit in the bathtub for hours. My fingers and toes will be completely pruney when I am done, but it will have been well worth it. And if we stay with you when we are on furlough, you'd better have the bathtub ready- I will be using it!


Heather A said...

Go check the comment I left on your post from the day before about prayers....

keri said...

I am glad that I could help inspire you to keep up the yoga! How is life going? Are you and Russ doing well? Do you have enough supporters? It was great hearing from you on my blog...oh, by the way, I don't get praise dancing either!