Sunday, August 12, 2007

Still Nope

We still don't have electricity at the building so we had another dark Sunday. It was our farwell Sunday for the interns, which we celebrated with a special children's program and ice cream. (Very nice after sitting in the heat!) The week was spent (not by me, fortunately) in rather strong talks between the electric company and our building owners about who will be paying for the repairs. Thankfully the couple that owns our building are an electrical engineer and a lawyer so they were able to take on the battle. Everything seems to be resolved now and work should start tomorrow.

And the Mabery baby (affectionately known as "Babery") still hasn't arrived. We're all on pins and needles and think it will be really soon. Any time the phone rings at an odd time we get all excited. One of these times it will be "the call" and we'll have a new teammate!

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