Friday, August 03, 2007

An Exceptional Week

Many things have happend to us as the winter season ended, and August began. We have taught dozens of English students, and my private classes are going well. I was teaching early Thursday morning, when the electricity was restored with a bang. I ran outside to see a shower of white sparks coming from our meter on the front of the building. As the employees from the neighboring store ran outside, I unloaded the fire extinguisher into the wall. The flames caused the meter to explode and then melt onto the ground. Nothing entered the building, and I was glad to see a city employee disconnect the main line from the transformer a minute later. He had been working less than 50 feet away on a side street.

Our problems continued that afternoon when the city company came and tried to connect the power directly to the circuit board. This caused the power strip for our sound board to catch on fire, and every light in the kitchen blew out at once. Now we have cancelled a membership class, youth gathering, and potluck this Sunday because of the power problem. We hope the situation will improve on Monday. We ask for your prayers; it is possible that our insurance policy might help (also the persistence of the building owners- a tough lawyer and her husband, an electrical engineer). We could not make one step forward without God's care. Have a great weekend; we won't give up! The high to balance out the low was Tuesday afternoon, when I took my new car and carried 15 kids to a VBS taught by Heather and Laura. It was an awesome day. Peace, and we love you bunches.

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Mom T. said...

Oh my goodness! Having seen the wiring down there, including the open box on the street, I can understand how this all happened. I'm thankful no one was hurt and that the damage wasn't worse.

The van load of VBS kids reminds me of the days here in Winnipeg when we used to take a neighbor's family of 6 to church in our minivan along with our own family of 6 (Val will remember this). Then, I carried another family of 6 along with two or three of ours in a 6 passenger sedan. I don't recommend it for safety reasons, but when they want to come to church, who's going to say no? The Sierra Leonian mom used to tell me, "You won't get a ticket--God is watching this car go to church!" Those were wonderful days, though.

God bless you and watch over you as you use his car.