Saturday, May 12, 2007

From the Road: Winnipeg

When last I wrote, we were in Blackwell recovering from the graduation festivities. Since then, we drove to Branson with the Quireys for a quick vacay, drove back to Blackwell, to Stillwater and then on to Winnipeg. We started the week with Russell's parents and are ending it with mine. Our days in Branson were (generally) warm and sunny; when we got out of the car in Winnipeg it was COLD. I have had several conversations with people leading up to this trip, reassuring them that the weather would be nice at this time of year but we seem to have arrived in the middle of a cold snap. It's par for the course at this point.

We'll try to update more in the next couple of days but for now I'm going to enjoy some time with my folks!

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Patricia said...

Let me know Wichita details when you can! is my address. I'll be working Friday and Saturday, but I'll have both evenings open.