Friday, May 04, 2007

From the Road: Frisco, TX

We did it! We made it through the month of April. It was our heavy travel month but we've now reached the halfway point. Here are some stats for you:

Beds slept in (to date): 12

Flights: 9

Sunday morning sermons given: 3

I would tell you how many miles we've put on the car but it's outside and frankly I am quite tired, not to mention the skunk that is lurking in the front bushes. Last night we got in from North Carolina much later than expected due to some major storms in the Dallas area. I can still feel the motion of the plane bouncing.

We're staying with Ron and Georgia, our friends who work with Continent of Great Cities. Georgia took me shopping today--a dangerous trip to Ikea and Sam Moon--but I showed great self-control and only bought a little. There's so much stuff here in the US that we just don't have access to in Brazil. We're fighting the urge to buy buy buy but it is difficult since every time we watch tv, open a magazine or even walk through WalMart we are innundated with messages about how the latest and greatest product will improve our lives. Ikea was a tough one for me. I'm not even letting myself near The Container Store. I try to remind myself before I go into a store what things I have pre-determined that I need but I inevitably get distracted by something else. The fact that we have to carry whatever we buy back with us does help but the temptations still are strong, especially for a recreational shopper like me!


Jenny said...

Ikea can be bad. It's so easy to walk around and see all this cool stuff and not buy it. Limited luggage space sure helps though.

Bri said...

I had to laugh at this one, Val! We just got back from our 8 week furlough to the States and I had the same problem! I know I can get some stuff that you can't here in Germany, but there is a still a limited selection. All that STUFF! My head was whipping back and forth at Target!