Monday, January 15, 2007


Today Russ opened the closet and Samson saw his crate. He started barking and whining for it. I took it down and opened it; he jumped in immediately. Soon though, he was following me around the house frantically. He wanted us to put him in his crate and take him somewhere. This dog keeps us laughing.


Oh, hey--while I'm talking about nothing in particular, I keep hearing about my appearance in the Christian Chronicle but have yet to see it. Could someone please scan it and email it to me? I'll love you forever!

***EDIT--Saw it! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I'll have Erik send it just as soon as he gets back from Bolivia.
He needed a picture last month, so I looked through some you had posted, and he pulled one of those. Hope you don't mind.
Hope everything is going well with you.

Mom T. said...

Try this, Val:


Mom T. said...

The first try may have run off the page. Use this as one line.

Mom T. said...

Wait, wait, wait. I got the wrong issue. Try THIS (p.11):

Ginger said...

I was able to get to the article here as well:


Valerie said...

Thanks, Mom!

Jeanie- no problem! It was just getting a little unnerving because I was getting emails from people saying they had seen it and I hadn't! Hope you guys are doing well!

Valerie said...

Oh, and thanks Ginger! You posted that while I was writing- you must be up very early!