Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Dream Come True

Adson, originally uploaded by russandval.

Ever since we found our church building by the water, and even before that, our dream has been to have a baptism in the ocean. Today we had the privilege of having not one, but two! Two of our teenagers made their commitment to Christ this morning after church.

The part of our worship time inside the church ended with Gilvan and Adson's confessions of faith. Then we all walked across the street to the beach. Sunday is a big beach day here so there were people all around. But all the beach-goers were very respectful of what we were doing. The beach soccer game was suspended while the baptisms were going on. It was such a neat moment.

And now, we have two new brothers. Gilvan is related to several of our members already. His grandmother wept tears of joy. His mom doesn't come to our church but came today to experience this important moment in her son's life. Adson is one of their neighbors and the two boys are close friends.

This morning before worship, Russ, Gilvan's uncle Fernando and I took a moment to pray for them. We prayed that God would be with Gilvan and Edson in their new walk and that He would help them become leaders in the church. Please join us in prayer for the new lives our brothers are leading!


Steve said...

Praise God! We're so happy to have new brothers - hope we can meet them someday! Keep up the hard work, you guys :)

Mom T. said...

How exciting! Give them hugs and kisses from their Canadian family in Christ. We will pray for them and the impact that their lives in Christ can make on others.

Ginger said...

Praise God! I wonder if the angels in heaven were singing in Portugese? Isn't wonderful to be able to reap the harvest of the seed that was planted and watered? I pray God will continue to make the fields white for you!

Heather A said...

What a cool picture! Praise God for the work he is doing in your lives and in your church! Can't wait to join you for ten weeks this summer!

JAPierce said...

We totally rejoice with you! That is incredible!! You guys are doing an amazing job.

On a side note, I am REALLY jealous of the warm weather!

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