Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Party

The Food, originally uploaded by russandval.

This afternoon we had a "North American" Christmas Party for our English students. We sang carols, played games and ate a bunch of traditional foods. It was really hard to narrow down what treats to make. The decision was affected by the availabilty of certain ingredients. Fortunately, year-old candy canes still make very yummy peppermint bark. The church ladies were funny. As I started pulling out all the goodies, they marveled, "I didn't know you were so domestic!" Yup, I'm full of surprises!

This morning our worship was incredibly powerful. I love that we're finally to the point that we can be touched by a worship service in Portuguese. (I'm glad that the guys' Portuguese is finally to the point that they can use it to touch people!)


Mom T. said...

Oh, I knew you were domestic! You are a great cookie baker.

The plate looked great and I'm glad you all had fun!


Heather A said...

Awwww, I can't wait to come worship with you guys (for ten weeks!) and be touched by worship in Portuguese...I miss you guys so much! Love you!

Jennifer said...

Mmmmm! They tasted as good as they looked!