Friday, April 07, 2006

Standing Out

In college, people would stop my friend Jenny on the street to tell her how much she looks like Jodie Foster. They used to stop my brother Mike to tell him he looked like Garth Brooks. I've always had many friends and family members that vaguely resemble famous people and that makes them memorable. I, on the other hand, have never been told I look like a celebrity. There's not much about me that makes them remember me if they run into me again.

But now I live in a city where I am a visible minority. My skin color, eye color and height all help people remember me.

Yesterday, as I stood at the bus stop, a woman came up to me. "Are you from that new church in Pituba, ICOS?" she asked. (ICOS is the acronym we're using for the church- pronounced E-cos.) I told her I was, and she said she'd been there last Sunday. As we introduced ourselves, she said that she couldn't remember my name but remembered me from the church. I asked who had invited her and she told me it was Jaci. (Jaci, though not yet a member, is one of our church's best advertising tools!) We visited for a couple of minutes; I found out she lives very close to us. I encouraged her to come back this Sunday and I hope she does! She obviously has some interest if she's willing to stop and talk to us! God used what I have (which in this case was brown hair, blue eyes, and white skin) to help make another connection with someone who needs Him. Please pray that Ana Claudia will return and that I will have opportunity to study with her.

While you're on your knees, please remember this week's worship as well. Our prayer is that those who were there last week will return and the people who were unable or unwilling to come last week come for the first time. We are curious and excited to see what this Sunday will look like!


Heather A said...

Sometimes it's funny the things that God uses. I praise Him for the way He is using you guys in a visible and powerful way in that city! Can't wait to see you in just a couple of months!!! I'm praying for you guys and all the contacts you make. Love you! :)

Candy Landis said...

Your dream has become a reality! You allowed yourself to be used by God and He answered in a powerful way!! I wonder sometimes why we are surprised!!! God can use any vessel that is willing and I praise God that He found just the right vessels to use! What a faith lesson for all of us! I continue to lift you and ICOS up in prayer. Thank you for sharing the Good News of Jesus with the lost people of Salvador! Love you,
Candy Landis