Monday, April 03, 2006

A Dream Realized

It is barely conceivable that we did it. As I sit looking out my balcony on a rainy Monday morning, our first public worship service seems like a dream. This dream took four years, many thousands of dollars and even more prayers to be realized. What an awesome day.

People kept asking me how I felt after the last prayer was said. All I could say was, "My life is complete. Today is a dream come true." God filled us all with unending energy, even as the sweat soaked all our clothes. It was very legal (cool).

We know that it is barely a start, and we now have to replicate it 52 times a year. But I wanted to send up a virtual/actual "Hallelujah" and smell the roses for a second before my reality gland started working again.

Tchau for now.


JenniferReinsch said...

WOW! how wonderful god is.

Anonymous said...

So excited about Sunday's success!
Isn't it wonderful many prayers have been so wonderfully answered? We continue to keep you close in our thoughts.

Robin G.

dave said...

the scary part, is that once every 28 years, there's an extra Sunday... so you'd have to replicate it 53 times that year. talk about burnout.

Karen said...

Wonderful news! Praise God!

Anonymous said...