Sunday, March 26, 2006

Life Imitating Art

Remember The Money Pit? Some of you probably don't, so here's a summary for the younger crowd: Tom Hanks and Shelley Long buy a potentially great house for a great deal but as soon as they move in, things start falling apart. Big time. Hilarity ensues.

It's funny when it happens to someone else!

Our first worship service is one week away. Not only is the construction not done (we're hoping the glass will arrive in time- everyone's making promises but nothing is happening), but things keep going wrong in the building. It's fall now, so it's raining almost daily. With rain comes...leaks! In the newly repaired roof! Fortunately that falls to our landlords to fix. Next problem: a leaky toilet pump. Sounds small. Yet somehow, this one leaky toilet manages to drain our entire water supply on a regular basis. Not cool. Yesterday the men working to fix the roof had to wash their hands off in the ocean (we knew it was a convenient location!).

In the end, it's not really like The Money Pit because these problems aren't costing us loads and loads of money. But they take time to fix and we have a definite deadline. Every day we mark off the countdown, the attacks from Satan get stronger and stronger. Unfinished renovations, self-doubt, not enough time and personal attacks are flying fast and furious. But at the same time, every day, we're hearing from more and more people that are planning on coming. We have no idea how many people to expect. We've heard to expect hundreds. If we top 300, we'll have to use overflow space--an excellent problem to have. So though we're feeling Satan's arrows, we have a clear picture of why. Something good is going to happen one week from today. Something that will help enlarge God's kingdom. Please pray for us (and our building!) in the next few days. We need a whole army to support us in this battle.


susan bachman said...

thankuLord!goVal!GoRuss!PLEZBless THEbldg...&theDAY,theCONTACTS/THE

dave said...

hey val. thanks.
yeah, i'll be uncle dave... not only that, i'll have official ACC shirts that say Uncle Dave on them. but i'm really thinking about this one, i might decide to go with David. weird huh? i remember the day when i hated anyone calling me dave other than you, it just didn't sit right.. now everyone does.. but i don't know.

i'll be praying for you guys this week.. we talked about similar situations a lot this weekend because the whole story of ACC is pretty miraculous. the first choir being able to leave Uganda where civil war raged was quite a feat.. a quote from the weekend: "if the job seems like its bigger than you, it is. and so is God."

i know this all must be very discouraging.. but in a way it kind of excites me that this many challenges are coming up, because it really encourages me as to how God may intend to shine there. joshua and caleb were on my mind this weekend as well. trust God as the redeemer of all of our humanity and depravity and floundering.

to the promised land!

Valerie said...

For the record, Dave is going to be Uncle Dave/id because of his new job with the African Children's Choir, and not because of anything we've done. This is how rumors get started!