Sunday, October 09, 2005

More things we can count on

Last night, after helping the Maberys unpack their shipment from the US (yay! it only took seven months), we visited our local art feira (market). Now that we are heading into summer, the park across the street from us hosts them ever two weeks. It's become common enough to us now that we know the regular vendors. We also know who was not there. My favorite new display was a group of indiginous men dressed in traditional paint and beautiful feather headdresses. We knew is was for show, but hey, you still don' t get to see people dressed like that every day. We didn't find things that we couldn't live without, except of course for some yummy churros (think tube-shaped dounts).

This weekend is our turn to plan the evening worship with the team. I have been thinking about getting comfortable enough start moving the service into a language we are much less comfortable with. We sing a few songs in Portuguese, pray, and sometimes read scripture. We are preparing to make something that was very different into our normal way to worship. Please pray that we will soon find a feeling of familiarity with the words we are using to praise God. I wish that everyone would take the chance to rediscover the language of praising Him all over again.


Heather A said...

That is so exciting that you will begin worshipping full time in Portuguese! I will be praying about that transition for you. I know this is an exciting time for the team, and I wish I could be there and be part of it with you, but know that I am praying for you daily and can't wait to hear more about your ministry and your worship! Love you guys!

keri said...

Wow, that is amazing that you are starting to move into a more culturely diverse worship. I firmly believe that when we need to worship God in ways that we aren't used to. Change isn't easy especially when it isn't in your native language. Living in Germany, I have experienced this very thing, it is amazing once you become comfortable with it. I will pray for this time of transition.