Monday, October 17, 2005


We're headed out of town tomorrow. The team will be having a retreat at a beach house later this week and we're headed out there a couple days early to just relax. Russ and I are the only ones on the team who haven't taken any vacation time. The plan for today: go to Portuguese class, go to the mall and/or grocery store to buy last minute things for the trip, go to team meeting, come home and frantically pack, go to bed. But as has happened so many times since we've been here, our schedule changed.

I noticed the bus was much emptier this morning as we headed to class; I figured it was because we were a little later than normal. I noticed a grocery store was closed; I guessed it might have gone out of business. It wasn't until our teacher, Jaci, arrived that we found out what was going on: it's a holiday! Again.

Last Wednesday was a holiday. It was Dia das Crianças (Children's Day) and Dia da Nossa Senhora Aparecida (Day of Our Lady of Apparition). Technically the holiday is for Nossa Senhora but everyone uses it to celebrate Dia das Crianças. The stores and banks were closed. The movie theater was open but used this opportunity to charge us an arm and a leg. It was nice to have a day to relax when we knew we didn't have to be running around town because running around town would get us nowhere since everything was closed.

But we needed to get stuff done. Apparently it's Dia dos Comerciantes- if you look at the beginning of the word, you can kind of guess what it means. Today is the day that people who work in stores take off. No commerce today! This is the kind of holiday it would have been nice to know about beforehand. The mall? Closed. Grocery stores? Closed. Our plan for today? Out the window.

So now we're at home. It's good--there were plenty of things we needed to do at home--but we really needed to get some shopping done as well. We'll have to try to go tomorrow before we leave town. Unless there's some other holiday we don't know about.

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Candy said...

Hi Russell & Valerie,
I read your newsletter and excited to hear about the worship service planned for April 2. I honored your prayer requests this morning. Where could I find the Parkers address to mail them a card. Angela is married now and living in Olton, TExas near Lubbock. Please pray for Angela and Chad to have the "one flesh" relationship that God desires. Hope you enjoy your holiday to the beach. I am sure you need the rest. I am working on curriculum for adult ladies class now. My topic is suppose to be 13 week study of the Life and Teachings of Jesus. Having a hard time sharing my Jesus in 13 weeks!!! Anyway, I keep praying that He will provide the words to write. Well, better get to work. Sorry I don't write more often. We love you and think of you always. Phil 1:3 Candy