Monday, September 07, 2009

7 de Setembro

Today is Brazilian Independence Day. We decided to make it a weekend for the church family to be together. Yesterday after worship we had a potluck followed by a devotional.

Then today, about thirty of us headed to the beach. We had tables and umbrellas reserved and we sat and talked and ate and swam and chased kids. The weather was just perfect--not a cloud in the sky! Here are some pictures from today:

Here's Russ with our lunch--a big red fish, slightly battered and fried. Amazingly this was the smallest size available. We didn't mind too much, it gave us more to share.

Lucas and Cristina, two of our members.

Russ and Jackson flying a kite.

There were several chess matches. I would have never thought to play chess at the beach.

We rented this pool for the kids to play in. It kept us from having to chase the kids down every five minutes.


Court said...

Happy Independence Day! :o)

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