Friday, September 05, 2008

A Little Stressed

Jackson, originally uploaded by russandval.

I'm going nuts trying to get ready for furlough. Russ and I were pretty good at packing our stuff up and heading out the door. Now we've got an additional person to worry about, a person who likes to take up our time during the day to keep us from getting stuff done and who, just this week, has decided that he doesn't like sleeping that much. Oh and he's got a cold. But we'll get it done and get on the plane on Monday whether our suitcases are full or not. (Anyway, aren't we supposed to leave for furlough with empty bags so we have room to fill them up?)

Several people have asked if we'll be coming their way or not, so I thought I'd post a rough schedule for everyone. I hate making our schedule because no matter what I have to leave people and places out. But we only have six weeks of furlough and two weeks of vacation and I love you all but we need our vacation time!

And this is a rough schedule--there are some travel and personal days I'm leaving out.

Sept. 9-Sept. 12 OKC
Sept. 12-14 Blackwell, OK
Sept. 17-29 Winnipeg
Oct. 1-3 Raleigh, NC
Oct. 3-6 Myrtle Beach, SC
Oct. 11-20 Athens, TX
Oct. 24ish-Nov. 10 Blackwell/OKC

So maybe we'll be near you, maybe not. We really would love to see as many people as we can but we're also trying to be aware of our limitations with the little guy. Drop us a line if you want to try to meet up!


Anonymous said...

ThankU,GOD4BLESSINGusSO MANY Ways!This week WAS filled w/unexpected Joy,inspite ofLOSS-MOTHER'S SISTER'S CONGREGATION hosted herFAREWELLservice lastSunday evening,)Oct.12; Tues. we said Goodbye2 my Mother. The church family in Hereford received 4"of the much-needed RAIN,much of whichFELL between the 10:00a.m. funeral &2:00burial,nearMULESHOE; We sang, shared U.Pete's okra/
The bldg.was FULL-funeral/Mother would have loved all the singing; flowers,sweet words, kind thoughts, laughter,hugs; & teaching. The boy's enjoyed being w/ their cousins, setting goals for competition at their motel, being pallbearers. A.June &I stayed at mother's house-why rent a motel room- even though brother partly owns it-room rent is KINDa steep-just afew$ that COULD be used ELSEWHERE!Went back to Clinton to visit Mother's &AJune'sbrother. His wife died last month, 83-, his sister last January,(95yrs) 2months later, her husband.GOOD teachers;goodfamilies-GREAT
memories! (: 92,94 All those SWEET sisters!good examples-Love serving the Lord& helping teach.
look forward to seeing y'all!

Anonymous said...

AmSOgrateful4SWEETmem'ries-3yrsyesterdayFitzleft,Nov.14,05.Aug5,07daddyfollowed.Sundayeve,as &IrodewMQ&Joy,"littlebroQuentcalledw/wordthatDaddyJOINEDourU.Marvin&DEERCREEK'sU.Marvin(Fitz)Daddylooked forward2seeingALLthoseDearFOLKS- FamilyFriends&farmNeighbors.SoGlad4BLOGs:Ecuador,Ireland,Salvador!DearfriendsRaisingfamilynearDeerCreek haveprecioussonElijah-aboutsame asJackson.Elijah'sfamilyshareyogurt,pickles,produce,cheese&milk- cattle,goatsForMQ&Joy's neighbor-roosters,pygmy goats.Brian'sfriend
MandyleftDublinforLondonyesterday,wherFriendCory.AmSOgladMykidshavemetMYfriends'parents&GRANDPARENTS-I'M SO GRATEFUL we were able2sharefamily,cousins,church-camp/ranch-farm MemoriesSINGING&MISSIONS.
AmGLAD Don's mother can teach classes and share God's Word in Ft.Worth,LakewoodVillageRetirementCenter It was such a blessing 4Jessica&her parents2stop byMother's place in Hereford on theirWAYfromNMtoOK/LCU.Artesia;Cloudcroft,Weed,Skyridge,PineSprings+ALLthosefamily&churchconnections.