Thursday, November 08, 2007


The Fam, originally uploaded by russandval.

We spent the first half of this week on a team retreat. We've had the retreat at the same house for three years running. It's about 45 minutes out of town in a nice beach town. The beach is one of my favorites and the weather is always perfect.

This year was quite different than years past. There were much fewer of us--no Parkers, of course, and the Sasses are on furlough--so it was just us, the Maberys and the Porters. We were all in desperate need of some R & R.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay out there forever and yesterday afternoon Russ and I came back into town so we could make it to English class and today we resumed our normal frantic schedule. The women's conference is only a week away so it consumes a great deal of my time. Once it's done I'll have two days to get my house ready for the Quireys' arrival.

But then, we're headed back to the beach for a couple of days of family time. I'm already counting down!

p.s. We took Samson with us so he could spend a couple of days "being a dog"--barking at anything that moves, running around outside and wrestling with Nalah, the Maberys' dog. I don't think he's forgiven us for bringing him home.

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Keith said... favorite beach!!!! Love you!!!! (Stacey)