Sunday, October 21, 2007


I got to go to church today!

When I think of all the times growing up I said, "Do I have to go to church today?", I wish that my current self could travel back in time and slap my past self upside the head.

It was so nice to get to see everyone and worship with them. The baby got excited when I started singing. I guess it probably feels pretty weird to him. Everyone was excited to see me--I didn't keep count of how many times people touched my tummy but it was a lot. But if you're telling me how gorgeous I look pregnant or how young I look, you can touch my tummy as many times as you want!

It was a weird day at church, though. Travis and Alicia left this morning for furlough (after a crazy 24 hour move!) and Matt and Mary Virginia were on the way home, so it was just us and the Porters. We managed fairly well (I say "we" but the burden really fell to Russ and Randy, especially with the setup and take down) and it was a good reminder that it's not by our strength and ability that we get anything done.

After lunch, we headed back to the church for English class. I've been looking forward to returning to my class but today Fabio, a guy that Russ has been studying with, came to help out. He's an English teacher and offered to come help out sometimes. So Fabio taught, Russ assisted, and I visited: first with some of the girls from church who were still hanging out at the church and then with the intermediate class, who were teacherless today but were conversing in English. We sat and did our best to solve the world's problems but we never could agree whether socialism or capitalism was the answer. Oh well, maybe next time.

I'm so thankful to be back in the swing of church life!

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Heather A said...

Praise the Lord that you are back and able to worship with the body in body again and not just in spirit! Looks like just in time too. I'm praying for you guys while you're shorthanded, but we're looking forward to getting some time with Travis, Alicia and Ceara up here! Love you!