Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Countin' Flowers on the Wall

Yesterday I went back to the doctor. My body is slowly doing what it's supposed to do but it looks like I'll have another 2-4 weeks of bedrest. As you can imagine, I wasn't too thrilled to hear that but I'm glad to do what it takes to have a healthy baby.

And it is a healthy baby--the growth since our last ultrasound was unbelievable.

So yesterday was a good day. I've learned an important lesson, though, about allowing thoughts and worries to take me captive. I should be the one controlling negative thoughts and, in all my free time, I had started letting them control me. But now I've got renewed focus and am feeling very upbeat about it all.

Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers!


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad to hear the good news! Praise God! Sorry you have to still be on bedrest though. We'll be praying for you guys, as we have been. When is your due date again?

Kristie Speer

Candice said...

Good to hear! I'm glad our prayers are fast at work.

Court said...

Hey Val,

I'm so glad everything is going well and growing well! ;o) Yeah, the bedrest is a bummer....but you'll get through it. God is with you!


JenniferReinsch said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. Sorry you are bored.