Friday, June 08, 2007

Back to Brasil

It felt strange to think about all the miles we drove, and all the times I listened to NPR in the States. I wanted to thank every one who put gas in the car and hugged us as we left. We still feel so close to you. The sun is shining today, and a breeze is keeping everything cool. There are so many changes happening this month, and not all of them are easy. Pray for us and the rest of our church as we go out to be Jesus to many new friends. Pray that the Parkers return will help us all keep growing. We would not be here without all of you out there! I know that your friendship is bigger than the plane ride it took to get here. Que saudades (we miss you). RQ

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Anonymous said...

Hi Russell & Val.

It was SO good to see you guys while you were in the states! You look great and are such a blessing in our lives. Sorry to hear of the changes in the team.....although we never know what life has just around the corner for us, do we? Just keep our trust in Him and know that "all things work together for good...." You are in our thoughts and prayers....Robin G.